Mid-Year Check-in: Are You Reaching Your Planning Goals?

The summer months in Milwaukee County are pure magic, aren’t they? Lakefront festivals, beer gardens (complete with polka music), Brewer’s games, farmer’s markets – we could go on and on! Plus, if you’re anything like our team at Krause Funeral Home, there is not a minute you take this warm Wisconsin weather for granted.

While June, July, and August may be chock full of events and activities, it’s also the perfect time to reflect on the first part of the year and look ahead at what’s to come. How are your 2018 resolutions going? As we talked about here on this blog back in January, here at Krause Funeral Homes, when we think of planning ahead, we’re mindful of how important it is to consider end-of-life decisions.

Yes, it sounds weighty. Maybe not your typical yearly goal. But we talk to people every day in Brookfield, New Berlin, and Milwaukee who regret their lack of planning when it comes to a final farewell. A few minutes of practical preplanning ensures your last requests are carried out the way you want them to be, while taking the pressure off your loved ones to make those decisions. It gives you the peace of mind that comes from knowing you don’t have to depend on someone else to get it right for you and your legacy.

We often remind families there are 100 detailed decisions that go into planning a funeral. We find most people want to be in control of these choices, and want to handle the details on their own. Take a look at our basic checklist to get an idea of what kinds of tasks will be at hand.

  • Ask yourself important questions like these:
  • Do I want to be cremated or have a traditional burial?
  • Do I prefer a large funeral or a small, private service?
  • Are there any personal touches I would like included in the ceremony?
  • Do I have any opinions on music or special readings or a reception?

Our team of professionals simplifies the preplanning process in a way that helps you feel confident in the decisions you make. You can even start the preplanning process from the comfort of home. Or, if you prefer to plan in-person, stop by any of our four locations any time.

This month, as you soak in the best of what summer in Milwaukee has to offer, remember you can establish long-term peace of mind for yourself and your loved ones with a few clearly written directions. We hope you’ll reach out to us by calling us today, so we can help you and your family in this way.

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