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At Krause Funeral Homes, we have a tremendous amount of respect and appreciation for hospice caregivers. This includes physicians, nurses, chaplains, social workers, CNAs, administrative professionals, volunteers, and anyone else who offers hospice care in our community.

To recognize these dedicated people who truly go above and beyond with their selfless devotion, we have created a Hospice Caregiver Award Program.

Each month, we will honor a caregiver who has been nominated by peers, friends, patients, families, and others who feel this person excels in her or his profession. One caregiver each month will receive an award and gift card.

Caregiver Banquet

There will also be a banquet honoring the 12 finalists. A review committee will select a Caregiver of the Year who will be awarded with a special gift.

Please use the form on the left to nominate a caregiver you think needs to be recognized for their contribution. We count it a privilege to help honor these important members of our community and let them know the difference they make in the lives around them. 

Call Jeannie Davies, at (414) 982-1355 for more information.

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