Our Standard


Trust us to Serve you

Our staff members are trained to handle every situation with dignified professionalism. Whether dealing with the financial intricacies of funeral prefunding, the sensitivity and detail-oriented planning of funeral directing or the technical and legal aspects of cremation, trust the experts at Krause to exceed your expectations.

Krause staff members have served as President of the Funeral Service and Cremation Alliance of Wisconsin, helped create the state’s preneed legislation and continue to work to protect consumers’ rights.

Community Involvement

Dedicated to serving our community, many staff members hold leadership roles and volunteer at local churches and hospices.

It is truly our honor to serve you during this difficult time. At Krause Funeral Homes, we treat you with dignity and respect. No matter what time of day or night it is, we always send two licensed, professionally dressed staff members to bring your loved one into our care.


At Krause Funeral Homes:

  • Funeral Directors concentrate 100% of their focus on listening and assisting families to prepare meaningful tributes. They are trained beyond state requirements with in-depth courses on sensitivity, ethics, and ways to create meaningful, personal services. “I would like to express how I was beyond pleased with your services. Noah went above and beyond the call of duty, not only to meet our family needs, but the manner in which he displayed his professionalism along with just enough sense of humor to put us at ease was a very nice mix.” – Marie Witlow
  • Preneed Specialists concentrate on listening and recording clients’ wishes. They also explain the benefits, options, and funding vehicles available for preplanning funerals. Staff members are trained and licensed beyond the state’s licensing requirements and have helped more families put their wishes in writing than any other funeral home in Wisconsin. “The preplanning process with Nancy was great. I’m so thankful we had as much done as we did.” – Janet Lee Otten
  • Preparation Specialists who take care of embalming and cremation concentrate all of their time on restoring loved ones to look as natural as possible by continuously staying abreast of the most technologically advanced techniques. They are trained beyond state requirements. In fact, Krause Funeral Homes was instrumental in helping create the first cremation training and certifying course of its kind through the ICCFA (International Cemetery, Cremation and Funeral Association).
    “Dad had been critically ill the weeks before he died. Whoever worked with his body, especially his face, really did an outstanding job—he looked well rested and ready for eternal peace. Difficult to say about a body, but he looked really good, handsome, and not at all made up. He had scars on his lips when he died from all the tubes in his mouth and nose, and we could not even see these. That really helped us heal a bit.” – Susie Goetz