Cremation Services

Families often wonder if choosing cremation limits their memorial options. Can they still have a visitation, funeral, and burial? At Krause Funeral Homes, the answer is yes. Families can celebrate their loved one’s life any way they choose, including with a service, catered gathering, graveside burial, and more. It’s all up to you.

Our professionals can describe the many options and how cremation services can be personalized to fit your needs. We provide ease, simplicity, and guidance to those in search of a dignified cremation.

We offer a variety of Signature Services at no additional cost to make your service special, including: traditional or motorcycle hearse options and a grief therapy dog. The motorcycle hearse and grief therapy dog are based on availability.

Unique Services

The choice of cremation or burial is a very important one based on personal, religious or societal beliefs. In some cases, preferences are known before death, but in others, family members must make this decision.

Whatever your final wishes, our considerate, thoughtful staff will be sure to help you arrange a personalized, affordable service.

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