How Will You Build Your Legacy?

In working with families around the Milwaukee, Brookfield, and New Berlin area, we talk a lot about the idea of leaving a legacy. What exactly do we mean by that? In other words . . . how will you be remembered? What contributions have you made to your family, your community, and the world that will live on for generations to come?

Every day at Krause Funeral Home, members of our dedicated team meet people whose lives were deeply impacted by a loved one. We know saying goodbye is never easy, but we have seen it serve as a wake-up call to family and friends. They often begin to ask themselves questions such as, “What steps will I take today to positively impact how I’m remembered?”

There is one step YOU can take today, with the help of our professional staff to start building one part of your legacy: your funeral or memorial service. When you preplan with us, you can communicate certain messages to those you leave behind. You are writing actual chapters in your legacy. These can include messages such as:

1.) You love your family and want to protect them from the difficult task of planning your funeral during their grief.

There are so many decisions to make when planning a funeral – more than 100, if you can believe it! These choices are easier made ahead of time, when emotions aren’t running high. And of course, they’re easier for the individual to make for themselves. So often when people don’t preplan, not only is their family stressed by the choices they have to make, but there can be disagreements as family members try to guess at what you would have wanted. You can spare them this by preplanning.

2.) You want to make these kinds of important decisions for yourself.

You were never the kind of person who let other people call the shots in your day-to-day life. Your end-of-life arrangements should be no different. Think about it: You want to be in control of whether you have a traditional burial or cremation. Of the tone set at the funeral. What kind of transportation is used or music played.

3.) You were a unique individual, with interests and talents different from anyone else.

Display your well-worn classic literature collection or ask everyone to wear their favorite Green Bay jersey to the visitation. What about a reception afterwards where you serve your award-winning chili with a beer toast? It’s possible using our reception space and in-house catering facilities. When you put your plans in place with Krause, you get to tell your story the way you want, at a pace and in a place that’s comfortable for you. Our online planning form and planning checklist make it easy; you can even select arrangements from your own living room.

The possibilities are endless, and we invite you to craft the experience your loved ones will have at your farewell. Our facilities in Brookfield and New Berlin, or on Capitol Drive and Brown Deer Road in Milwaukee, are carefully designed and decorated to help families feel at home – just the way you would want it.

As you think about your legacy – including how you affect those closest to you – remember that our team is here to make sure you know all of the options available at Krause. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us today.

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