Are Flowers Still the Best Way to Express Condolences?

Here’s a strange but true fact, as found in the Guinness Book of World Records: Giving flowers as a tribute to someone who has died is the world’s oldest form of human ritual. Flowers have been used to celebrate and commemorate every aspect of life, from birth through death, for tens of thousands of years – and it’s not hard to see why. As our staff at Krause Funeral Home can attest, flowers add a sense of warmth and beauty to any surrounding. We see firsthand every day at our facilities in Brookfield and New Berlin, and on Capitol Drive and Brown Deer Road in Milwaukee, just how much a floral gift can impact a family. There’s even scientific research showing that flowers make people happier and have long-term positive effects on emotions.

The question is, are flowers still the best way to express love, sympathy, and respect to a family who has lost a loved one? Or are there other options to show your support during a time of grief?

Our professional staff would answer “yes” to both questions. A floral gift goes a long way in bringing comfort, especially because it’s a way to remind grieving families they’re not alone. You can add a personal touch by sending an arrangement with a favorite type of plant, or a basket of wildflowers to honor a love for the outdoors. Families will certainly appreciate that extra thought and effort.

Besides a floral gift, consider these other ways to show the family you care:

  • A handwritten note. This doesn’t have to be long or detailed. Say what you feel. You can also share a memory you have with their loved one, or simply let them know you are thinking of them during a difficult time.
  • A phone call. Reaching out to those who are grieving means a lot. Again, this doesn’t have to be lengthy or detailed. Sentiments like, “This must be hard for you,” or “I’ll miss him/her” are appropriate and supportive.
  • A gift of food. Delivering food to a grieving family is a traditional and thoughtful gesture. You could also mail a restaurant gift card, to be used at a later date. There are even companies who will deliver hot meals to grieving families for you.
  • A dedication or donation. The options for this type of gift are endless, and act as a meaningful reflection of a person’s interests and/or your relationship with them. Most organizations send an acknowledgement to the family stating that a donation was made, so be sure to provide an up-to-date address.
  • Photos the grieving family may not have of their loved one. These photos can be printed, made into a book, or even e-mailed to the family as a thoughtful reminder. This can be especially meaningful if the family has not seen these photos before.

If you would like to view the floral and memorial items Krause offers, you can do so here at our online store, or reach out to our team for more information. We are here to help in any way we can when you need it most.

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