Start the New Year Right with Preplanning

Chances are, you and your family have made – and eaten! – a fair share of holiday treats this season. And every baked treat begins with a recipe. With eggs, flour, and sugar, the details written down on your grandmother’s index card, can result in a satisfying dessert. But as the last of the cookies disappears into crumbs, and families across Milwaukee, Brookfield, and New Berlin prepare for the start of a new year, the team at Krause Funeral Homes would encourage you to consider putting together a recipe for something even more important than a cookie or a brownie – preplanning your own funeral.

Yes, funeral planning sounds like a weighty issue, but that is the very reason why you should give it time and attention. And more than that, it’s why you should make your wishes known now. As you’re resolving at the beginning of 2018 to eat better or pick up a new hobby, give a little time and consideration to planning your final farewell. In this way, you can rest assured that those closest to you will be prepared when it really counts.

First, why plan? Planning says that you care. A few minutes of practical preplanning now, will go a long way toward protecting your loved ones from additional worry and uncertainty, and it demonstrates that you want the very best for them—even after you’re gone. It also ensures that your last requests are carried out. Burial or cremation? Large funeral or private service? Donations to charities close to your heart? What personal touches would you most like to include in the ceremony? Tell the truth now…does your family know the answers to these questions? Just having a basic checklist written down detailing your end-of-life preferences will take away the guesswork and truly honor your memory.

Additionally, funeral preplanning is a way to make a lasting impact on those you love most. Consider how you would like others to remember you and then make that a priority in your end-of-life decisions.

Reach out to us and let the Krause Funeral Homes family help simplify the preplanning process. Our team is both experienced and compassionate, and we can walk you through every choice you will need to make. We can explain your options when it comes to personalization, a reception with or without wine and beer, and a visitation.

Resolve now to start the conversation with those closest to you. By writing down a few clear directions, your preparation today will make your desires clear and pave the way toward peace of mind for you and yours tomorrow.

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