Cremation or Burial: What’s the Right Choice For Me?

Life is full of choices. In fact, a study done recently by Columbia University says the average person makes about 70 decisions per day. Of course, some are more important than others. White or wheat bread? Blue sweater or grey? Stay single or get married? The Krause team would encourage Milwaukee-area families to consider an incredibly important decision in advance: the choice between a traditional burial or cremation.

What leaps to mind when you hear those words? Do those closest to you know what you’d prefer? End-of-life decisions are very personal and based on special, individual beliefs, values and preferences. No matter what is driving your choices when it comes to funeral planning and end-of-life decisions—whether it is family legacy, a faith tradition, or unique customs—Krause Funeral Homes is here to help you make the perfect choice for you and your family.

Consider cremation services: Whether your preferred farewell will be traditional and time-honored to more modern and off-beat, the team at Krause Funeral Homes can give you complete confidence by providing an on-site crematory that adheres to the very highest professional and ethical standards. We are actually the only Milwaukee County provider who offers the exclusive Cremation with Confidence™ guarantee.

When it comes time to choose a final disposition option, we can offer you a number of beautiful urns or keepsakes if you prefer permanent possession. Or, we can help arrange for the scattering of your ashes in a place of significance to you or your loved ones. If this is something you’ve thought about, let the Krause team show you how to make yours a farewell to remember through preplanning with us.

If you’re more inclined to select a traditional burial, there are also many service choices open to you—from a visitation, reception, or a graveside service. We also offer additional services like personalized follow-up care for the family, online memorials and tributes, personalized caskets, flowers, and much more. No matter your decision, Krause Funeral Homes has a signature service that will make your final wishes a specifically tailored tribute to your life.

This important decision will naturally take some time and reflection to make, but once you’ve made the right choice for your family, let the Krause specialists help you put a plan in place that will bring meaning and comfort to you and your family, every step of the way. Whether you ultimately choose burial or cremation, the Krause Funeral Homes family will ensure that your memorial will be one of lasting remembrance.

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