10 Ways We Serve All Families, Faiths, and Cultures

Our neighbors in Milwaukee, New Berlin, and Brookfield represent a variety of faiths and cultural values. As a family-owned and run firm, Krause Funeral Home honors this diversity and respects each individual’s choices when it comes to how a funeral or memorial service is conducted and observed.

Here are 10 ways we meet the needs of all families, faiths, and cultures across Milwaukee County.

  1. Modern and Comfortable Facilities

Should you choose to hold a visitation or reception here at Krause Funeral Home, we offer in-house catering and cozy family-only rooms where adults can retreat for a quiet moment or children can play. Our intimate chapels and charming café make great gathering spaces for family and friends.

  1. Tailor-Made Funeral Services

With decades of experience arranging funeral services for the Milwaukee community, we are sensitive to cultures and faiths at every step of the planning process. Whether it’s a graveside burial or a cremation service, we honor your requests to integrate religious and cultural elements.

  1. Financial Flexibility

When it comes to funeral and memorial services, we are committed to helping you keep within your specified budget and offer the most complete and meaningful options we can to honor your loved one. Our knowledgeable staff is always here to provide you with pricing information should you have questions about the costs of services.

  1. Celebrant Services

If you wish to forego a traditional, faith-based service, our professional staff will connect you with a celebrant who serves as an alternative to a member of the clergy. They will work with you and your family to craft a unique celebration of your loved one’s life.

  1. Green Burial

Our staff is committed to taking sustainability measures wherever possible. For example, as part of a natural burial process, you can choose to have you or your loved one interred in a biodegradable casket. Ask us about more options for an environmentally conscious funeral or green burial.

  1. Grief Support

No matter your family circumstances or cultural background, we meet you where you are in your grief. When you lose a loved one, our compassionate team is here to help. We offer an array of grief support services like aftercare, support groups, and the company of our Grief Therapy Dog, Bennie.

  1. Personalization

If you’d like to incorporate your culture or faith into your funeral service, we are able to help you personalize the ceremony. Whether you’d like your loved one’s favorite hymns sung at the event or you’re interested in our motorcycle hearse as a method of transportation, we are here to arrange that.

  1. Children & Funerals

When a loved one dies, some adults try to protect children from the reality of death. Over the years, we’ve found that talking about death with children can help them heal and create a sense of closure. We provide resources to assist with these conversations and can make referrals to counselors in the area for added support.

  1. Cremation Options

With cremation growing more common across a variety of cultures and family backgrounds, we are committed to providing the same level of care whether or not a traditional in-ground burial is chosen. When you decide on cremation at Krause Funeral Home, you are still entitled to a visitation, burial, and funeral.

  1. Deciding on a Funeral

If you’re still debating whether or not to hold a funeral or memorial service for your loved one, we are ready to organize a meaningful and memorable tribute to them. No matter their cultural backgrounds, many families find comfort in the ritual and ceremony surrounding funerals.


To find out more about the services listed above, reach out to us whenever you like. Our team is available 24/7 and ready to answer any questions you may have.