Motorcycle Hearse

Say Goodbye with Style

With Krause Funeral Homes, there are countless ways to personalize your loved one’s funeral, including a choice of final transportation.

Traditional Hearse

Our impeccably maintained Cadillac hearses and sedans are an excellent choice for traditional, stately funeral processions.

The Farewell Ride Motorcycle Hearse

Krause is the only funeral home in Wisconsin to offer families an alternative to the traditional hearse. Our 19th century-style hearse drawn by a V-twin-powered 3-wheel Harley-Davidson motorcycle is available for no additional charge.

Create a unique remembrance for your motorcycle enthusiast or loved one who would have appreciated the nostalgia of a horse-drawn carriage. The Krause Motorcycle Hearse has drawn national attention, as it was featured on the NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams as well as local media outlets.

Family Car

Let us arrange drivers and special cars for you and your family. After an emotional service surrounded by friends and family, quiet time with immediate family can be calming and grounding.

For families reuniting from out-of-town locations for the funeral, it is nice to spend rare time with “just dad or mom and the kids” minus grandchildren, spouses, etc.

Family members appreciate not having the additional stress of navigating unfamiliar streets or construction while dealing with the intensity of a death. Family cars can also be used for airport runs, trips to a nursing home, etc.

To further personalize your loved one’s funeral, arrange to lead the procession on a favorite road or past a sentimental place.

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