Why We Were the First in Milwaukee to Offer Receptions to Families

At Krause Funeral Home, we’re always looking for new and innovative ways to serve you and your family. We know when you come to us to plan a funeral service for a loved one, or to make your own prearrangements, you are expecting us to offer you not just compassion and care, but also the highest levels of excellence in the service we provide you.

We know you also want options. Having a number of different choices available for you gives us the ability to meet your needs, wishes, and budget. Whether you would like a traditional burial, a cremation, a traditional funeral service with visitation and reception, or something more simple, you can find all of the options you want and need at Krause Funeral Home.

This is one of the main reasons we jumped at the opportunity to become the first funeral home in the state of Wisconsin to provide both in-house catering and beer and wine offerings to our families. We talked recently right here on this blog about the many benefits to families receptions offer – both from an emotional perspective and a practical one. We knew this was something we needed to offer the families we serve.

We have comfortable visitation rooms with plenty of seating, as well as intimate, family-only rooms where children can play and family members can escape for refreshments or a moment of reflection. Let us arrange a visitation or reception with the comfortable feeling of relaxing at home or being wined and dined in a private restaurant room. Only at Krause can you host a visitation or reception with buffet sandwiches, salads, soft drinks, hors d’oeuvres, beer and wine right in the proximity of the visiting room.

Having a variety of services to choose from also allows you to express your values and personality in your choices. Our personalization options, such as memorial portraits and video tributes, along with our signature services gives you the opportunity to truly tell the story of a life.

Whether you are at your moment of need, or would like to preplan, know that Krause Funeral Home is the funeral home that will treat you like family and offer you all the options you need. Reach out to a member of our experienced team today to learn more.

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