A Funeral Service: Telling the Story of a Life

Books often don’t end after the final words of the last chapter. At times, what you think is the conclusion to the story is actually followed by a single page, bare except for the words, “The End,” and followed by an epilogue. These final pages are a brief, but impactful, continuation of the tale where readers are given a chance to say goodbye to beloved characters and places. Depending on their content, they can bring readers peace of mind and offer them an opportunity to reflect on what they’ve read or learned. Epilogues often give the reader closure – even after the most tragic of endings.

At Krause Funeral Homes, we see your loved one’s funeral service to be like an epilogue to the incredible tale of your loved one’s life. Through planning a funeral service, visitation, and even reception, your family is given an opportunity to continue the narrative of the life that was lived, offering attendees a chance to reflect on what your loved one meant to them, as well as to gain a sense of closure as they say a final good-bye.

Of course, as any reader will tell you, the best epilogues are those that are specific and tailored to the book you just finished. They would reference familiar characters and themes and tie up any loose ends. Funerals are very similar. A service that is highly personalized and reflects the narrative of your loved one’s interests, accomplishments, and hobbies will provide the richest experience for family and friends.

At Krause Funeral Homes, we offer many ways for you to continue telling your loved one’s story with a personalized funeral service. You can work with your clergy member or one of our celebrants to include cherished songs or readings in the funeral or memorial ceremony. We can bring memories to life with photo albums and video tributes. If your family member was an honorably discharged veteran, our team can arrange a complete traditional funeral with full military honors.

Regardless of what part of your loved one’s story you want to highlight, the Krause staff has experience including just about everything – from stamp collections, to cookbooks, to clothing – into memorial services. We even have a specialty motorcycle hearse available to transport those who loved to ride in life. If your loved one was dedicated to the environment, we have a variety of green burial options that protect the world they loved.

Perhaps your loved one was a foodie – you can serve their favorite dish at a reception either before or after the visitation or service, completely catered by Krause Funeral Homes.

At Krause, we know that a funeral service infused with your loved one’s spirit is the best epilogue to the story of their life. It truly brings their narrative full circle.

For help telling your loved one’s story – or your own, if you would like to preplan with uscontact a member of our caring staff today.

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