Why Is Having a Funeral So Important?

It’s a question many families throughout Milwaukee, New Berlin, and Brookfield ask us often at Krause Funeral Homes: “Is a funeral worth the effort and expense?” Some even wonder if it would be easier on a grieving family to avoid the formalities. As if not having a service would help them “get over” their grief faster.

Our team’s response is always the same: Nothing could be further from the truth, and one should never underestimate the importance of a funeral. The ritual helps loved ones process their loss in a multitude of ways.

Funerals offers healing through honoring a loved one’s memory.

Think of the funeral as a tribute to a person’s life. A service that is highly personalized, reflecting interests, accomplishments, and hobbies, provides a rich experience for family and friends. Going through those old photos for the video tribute, collecting beloved items for the memory table, and selecting that perfect piece of music helps you focus on what your loved one meant to you and the world around them.

Funerals are a way to gain support from others.

Visitations, funerals, burials, and receptions bring people together. Simply “being there” provides a measure of love and support for the family, and often, seeing that others care can help them begin adjusting to their loss.

Funerals help friends and family begin the healing process through acceptance.

Facing the reality of death and mourning in a safe and supportive environment is critical to the grieving process. Death is a complex issue, and the emotions involved can be tough to navigate. A funeral is a specific time to acknowledge the reality and finality of death and begin facing the pain that comes with it. 

Funerals give an opportunity to say goodbye.

Funerals bring a sense of closure, as they allow you to cry, reflect, and concentrate on your feelings about death and the loss you’ve experienced. The service is also a way to publicly express how much a person meant to you and how deeply he or she will be missed.

And remember this: A funeral does not need to be traditional or religious. It does not need to follow a certain template or match the notions you have in your mind. You can have a celebrant instead of a member of the clergy, plan a champagne or beer toast after the visitation, or plan for the final ride to the cemetery to be in on our motorcycle hearse. It’s completely up to you!

And when you plan with the compassionate team at Krause Funeral Homes, you’re never alone in your grief. We want to be sure you receive the encouragement and help you need. We’ve been there for families in the Milwaukee area for more than 80 years now and have many numerous grief resources available. We also have our grief therapy dog, Bennie, on hand to offer comfort and bring a smile. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for help anytime.

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