What to Expect When You Arrive at Krause Funeral Home

Even though our care team spends our days helping Milwaukee families at our four locations, we realize many people have never set foot in a funeral home until a loved one dies. The hours and days after losing a friend or family member are sad, stressful, and filled with uncertainties about what’s to come. Rest assured, our staff has the experience and knowledge to help you through it. We are here to support you, and to take care of the many tasks that are involved when planning a funeral, cremation, burial, and reception.

Here’s what you can expect when you walk through our doors.

You will be warmly greeted by a member of our staff, which is made up of the most compassionate professionals in the Milwaukee area. We will get you acquainted with the facility and get your family settled in one of our relaxing arrangement rooms.

Our locations on Brown Deer Road and Capitol Drive in Milwaukee, and in Brookfield and New Berlin were each carefully designed and decorated for superior comfort. We understand that you’re with us under difficult circumstances and have gone the extra mile to make you feel welcome. Our facilities are spacious yet cozy, with a serene feel to put you at ease.

Since we’ve been helping families make funeral plans for over 80 years, our arrangement process is streamlined and efficient. We know what questions to ask and what information to gather. There are 100 decisions that need to be made, but you can rest assured we will walk you through each one. From background information to the location of important paperwork to the funeral planning itself, we take care of every detail. If you would like to see the points of discussion, our planning checklist provides an outline.

Our funeral directors are trained to handle every situation with dignified professionalism. We will lead a conversation to gather biographic information, complete relevant paperwork, and discuss preferences for a visitation, funeral, burial, and reception.

If your friend or family member preplanned their own arrangements with us, we will have that information on hand. We will also have paperwork including our General Price List and other appropriate price-related documents. We are always transparent with our pricing and prepared to answer any questions you may have in a clear and concise way.

As we work with families to plan a final farewell, keep in mind that every life is unique and should be celebrated as such. It is our goal to tell your loved one’s story. To incorporate their interests, passions, and personality into the service to make it truly unforgettable.

We can host an event at our facility or coordinate a reception at a special location. Whether you want a full meal or specialized bar service, inside or out, catered or homemade, our professional event planners can create a one-of-a-kind event celebrating your loved one.

We take all the time you need to work through the planning, so you leave feeling satisfied that your questions are answered and the details are in order. We take great pride in our work serving families, and hope you’ll turn to us whenever you need us.

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