How to Cope When Someone You Love Dies Unexpectedly

When a friend or family member dies unexpectedly, it is a shock for those left behind. You cling to the hope that a mistake was made. How could someone who meant so much possibly be gone so quickly? You may feel like you’re in a fog when there was no time to say goodbye or prepare emotionally. You wonder how life will go on without this person in it.

At Krause Funeral Homes, our care team has walked alongside many Milwaukeeans who have experienced a dramatic and tragic loss. Part of what is so complex about grief is that it’s unpredictable – and this is especially true when a loved one is taken without warning. There is no opportunity to tell that person you love them, to apologize for wrongdoings, or let them know how much they meant to you. Instead, there are unfulfilled wishes and unanswered questions.

In our work planning funerals, cremations, and burials, families will ask us,

“Will I ever be able to make sense of what happened?”

“Is there anything I could have done to prevent this tragedy?”

“What if someone else in my life is suddenly taken from me?”

It is crucial to understand that there is no time limit on grief and that no two people grieve the same way. What’s most important is that you take care of yourself and get the support you need. Our staff is here for you and wants to remind you that you are never alone. Even if other people in your life encourage you to “move on” or “get over it,” we understand why this may not feel possible.

Let us help you when you need it most.


  • Our Interactive Grief Support will guide you through steps to help you find answers to many questions about grief and suggestions for healing. You’ll gain an understanding and acceptance of how necessary the process is and know that you will get through it.
  • Online forums can be extremely helpful, as many who grieve feel uncomfortable and sometimes embarrassed talking about their pain in front of family and friends. Visit for emotional support and friendship. It may take a little time to find the online group that feels most comfortable to you, but it will be worth your effort.
  • With strong ties to our Milwaukee community, Krause has the most comprehensive list of current grief support groups for Southeastern Wisconsin. We have organized them by location (city or county) and needs (i.e. young widower, suicide, Alzheimer’s, etc.).
  • During difficult times, we all appreciate unconditional affection. Compassion provides the crucible for healing to occur. This is why our team at Krause Funeral Homes wanted a grief therapy dog available to comfort families we serve here in Milwaukee County. Learn more about our certified Grief Therapy Dog, Bennie, and how he can offer comfort during a time of grief.

Losing a loved one without warning can lead to a profound loss of security and confidence in the world. That’s why it is essential to have sources of support to help along the way. You may have good days and bad days. You may be caught off guard by feelings of anger, sadness, or guilt. While some grieving needs to take place in private, connecting with others will help you feel less adrift during a difficult time.

Our professional staff at Krause is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Don’t hesitate to stop by our funeral homes in Milwaukee, Brookfield, and New Berlin or call us at (414) 982-1355. We’re always here for our friends and neighbors.

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