The Four Commitments That Set Krause Apart


1.) Our Commitment to Excellence

Our caring team is trained to handle almost any situation with compassion, dignity, and professionalism. We will pay close attention to every detail – making sure the service meets your wishes, needs, and preferences. You can trust us to not just meet, but exceed, your expectations.

2.) Our Commitment to Choosing the Most Qualified Team

Our staff is trained and licensed beyond the state’s licensing requirements and
has helped more families put their wishes in writing than any other funeral krause-reasonshome in Wisconsin.

  • Funeral Directors concentrate 100% of their focus on listening and assisting families in preparing meaningful tributes. They are trained beyond state requirements with in-depth courses on sensitivity, ethics, and ways to create personal services.
  • Preparation Specialists take care of embalming and cremation and concentrate all their time on restoring loved ones to look as natural as possible by continuously staying up to date on the most technologically advanced methods. In fact, Krause Funeral Homes was instrumental in helping create the first cremation training and certification course of its kind through the ICCFA (International Cemetery, Cremation, and Funeral Association).
  • Preneed Specialists concentrate on listening and recording clients’ wishes. They also explain the benefits, personalization options, and funding options available for preplanning

We even have members of our staff who have served as President of the Funeral Service and Cremation Alliance of Wisconsin, helping to create the state’s preneed legislation and continuing to work to protect consumers’ rights. Many of them are deeply dedicated to our community, holding leadership roles and volunteering at local churches and hospices.

3.) Commitment to Innovation in Creating Healing Experiences

From celebrants, to our signature services, to personalization options– we can offer you the choices you need to create the most meaningful service for your friend or family member. Experts agree the process of planning a funeral, visitation, and reception can help you in your grief process. We have the expertise and compassion it takes to help you get the most of out of the planning experience. We’ve always been on the cutting edge of these options – we were the first funeral home in Wisconsin to obtain a state license to offer in-house catering facilities, including beer and wine.

4.) Our Commitment to YOU

Funeral service is a calling for us. It’s not a job. We view it as the highest honor to serve you during what may be the most difficult time of your life. We don’t take this responsibility lightly. We will work closely with you to learn about you and your loved one, so we can plan a funeral that truly tells his or her life story. We will also remain here for you long after the service, with aftercare resources designed to help you move along your path towards healing.

At Krause Funeral Homes, we treat you with the utmost dignity and respect. We invite you to
connect with us any time.



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