Spring Renewal: Find Peace of Mind and Preplan with Krause

Do you remember the comic strip “The Family Circus” that debuted in the 1960s? The first five drawings in the series featured each family member preparing for favorite springtime activities: Gathering gardening tools, dusting off roller skates, or unearthing baseball equipment. The final picture shows the entire family looking out the living room window in shock at the pile of snow that fell during the night.

That’s exactly the kind of spring we’ve had here in Milwaukee, Brookfield, and New Berlin, isn’t it? Stepping out the door those first couple of weeks in April reminded us more of the middle of winter!

Take heart, though, sunshine and warmth are upon us! As you move into a new spring season, with different chores and routines and activities, our team at Krause Funeral Homes would encourage you to think about a different kind of planning: Taking time to preplan your own funeral. It can make a world of difference to your family.

Here’s how: After you pass away, there will be dozens and dozens of decisions at hand – and these are not to be taken lightly. After all, making choices while under stress is incredibly difficult, and it can lead to overspending. And if you haven’t preplanned, it will be your family and other loved ones who will left facing this stress. Many of these decisions can be made beforehand, at your convenience, and even in the comfort of your own home if you preplan with Krause online. This will protect your loved ones from added worry and uncertainty after your passing.

Preplanning also ensures that your last requests will be carried out the way you envision, such as  whether you would rather be buried or cremated. What about the service itself? Do you prefer a large funeral or a smaller, private service? What kind of music, or readings, or other personal touches would you like to include? Do you have a beloved charity you would like to receive donations in your name?

Chances are, you have opinions about these details, but your family may not know it. Our team at Krause Funeral Homes is experienced and compassionate, and we can walk you through every choice you will need to make. We will explain your options when it comes to the funeral, personalization, visitation, and reception.

Our basic preplanning checklist is a great place to start. Spending a few minutes today writing down your preferences will give peace of mind to your loved ones down the road.

As the days becomes longer and the weather warmer, we encourage you to reach out to us at one of our four Milwaukee locations, in Brookfield, New Berlin, on Brown Deer Road, or Capitol Drive with your preplanning needs. This simple step could make all the difference.

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