A Love Like None Other: Remembering Mom

Every year, when Mother’s Day rolls around, a jumble of emotions often rise to the surface. For many families here in Milwaukee, New Berlin, and Brookfield, this special day brims with joy and celebration as they spend extra time with their mom. But it can be incredibly painful for those who have lost their mother. Whether she passed away recently or it has been many years since her death, the unavoidable Mother’s Day messages and advertisements often feel overwhelming.

There are many on our team here at Krause Funeral Homes who know this pain firsthand. We recognize that the grieving process is often lengthy and unpredictable, and can be especially intense on holidays.

That’s why we encourage you this Mother’s Day to do something special to honor the memory of your mother. We’ve put together our favorite suggestions here, and hope you will find comfort and meaning by paying tribute to the woman who is always in your heart.

Write down the best things about your mother or her favorite sayings. You can share this with family and friends who loved her, set it at her gravesite, or keep it in a special place at home.

Make one of her favorite foods or eat at one of her favorite restaurants. Memories of food are powerful and can take you back to a certain time or place.

Extend kindness on your mother’s behalf. Pay for a stranger’s coffee. Offer someone a compliment. Bake cookies for a neighbor. A thoughtful gesture can go a long way, for both the giver and the receiver.

Ask loved ones near and far for their favorite memories of your mother. Chances are, there are stories you’ve never heard before. This also gives you the opportunity to connect with those you may not talk to on a regular basis.

Frame a card you received from your mother, a document like her birth or marriage certificate, or a recipe written in your mother’s handwriting. All of these papers have a story to tell, and you can pass them on to the next generation.

As Mother’s Day approaches, give yourself permission to grieve. Honor your mother’s memory in a way that feels genuine and meaningful to you. And always remember this: We have years of experience caring for grieving families, and we know the best specialists, resources, and support groups Milwaukee County has to offer. Never hesitate to reach out to us for added support and encouragement.

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