Places to Scatter Ashes Around Milwaukee

More and more people in the Milwaukee area are finding that cremation is a better fit for them. The reasons for opting for cremation vary from family to family, but one of the factors for many is there are so many options with cremation. You can have all the traditional services, such as a visitation, funeral, and reception. You can also infuse the events with elements of your loved one’s personality, culture, and accomplishments. But when it comes to final disposition and memorialization, your options are virtually limitless with Krause Funeral Home.

Many families choose to keep their loved one’s remains with them permanently in an urn, or they will inter them at a local cemetery. But others decide they want to scatter their loved ones’ ashes. This can be a very meaningful choice, but it’s a decision that should be made with the whole family along with an experienced funeral director.

One of the main considerations when scattering is whether you want to let go of all of your loved one’s remains. It’s very sad to say, but we have heard from people who didn’t think this all the way through, and they regretted their choice to part with them all. Many families decide to scatter some of the ashes, while retaining the rest and keeping them in a small urn, or urns, or another keepsake. Having a permanent remembrance can be important, particularly for future generations of the family.

Places to scatter ashes in Milwaukee...www.krausefuneralhome.comThe other consideration is whether your choice of scattering location and method is both practical and legal. Wisconsin does not currently have any state laws dictating where ashes can and cannot be scattered, but you should always consider any city or county regulations.

Here are some ideas for scattering in the Milwaukee area:

  • It is legal to scatter ashes on private property, if you have the owner’s permission. You may choose to scatter your loved one’s ashes in their beloved garden or perhaps under the tree they would always sit beneath. But remember, you may not always have access to that location if ownership of the property should change. Just something to keep in mind when making your decision.
  • Did your loved one like to walk in one of our area parks? While there are no formal rules dictating whether or not this is possible, you should check with the local park before making this choice.
  • By using a water-soluble urn that gradually disperses the cremated remains into the water or tossing cremated remains directly into the water, one our beautiful local lakes or rivers could be a loved one’s final resting place.

The options are nearly endless, and we can provide you with even more ideas. The important thing is to consult with the experts at Krause before making a final decision. We want to make sure you have all the information you need to make the best decision for you, your family, and your departed love one.

2 thoughts on “Places to Scatter Ashes Around Milwaukee

  1. My sister died Jan24 from pancreatic cancer in CT. Her wish is to have some of her ashes scattered in Lake Wissota, in Chippewa Falls. Do we need a permit and what locations are allowed. It won’t be until May 19. I would appreciate any suggestions or directions. Lake Wissota is large and I don’t know where is permissible and how do I find it?

  2. I’ve never understood why people were so into burying their dead until I heard some faiths frown upon cremation. I’m not going to question anyone’s faith, but I know cremation is the way I want to go. However, I don’t want my ashes sitting in an urn waiting for some descendant to knock over and smash. I’d rather have them scattered somewhere special. The question becomes, where do you scatter them? Some municipalities frown on this, but I see Milwaukee has some excellent places to honor your lost ones. Milwaukee is a beautiful city so I can see why people would choose to scatter their loved ones’ ashes there.

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