Finding Closure: How Personalization Helps

When people think of a funeral, probably the first thing that comes to mind is that it’s an opportunity to pay tribute to someone who has passed away. What is often less thought of is how important the planning of a funeral service is to your personal grief process.

If you talk to someone who has lost someone close to them, they will probably tell you that a visitation helps you find closure. Whether you choose an open or closed casket – seeing your loved one in repose helps you face the reality of what has happened. As difficult as it may be to accept the fact that your loved one is no longer physically alive, it is a key stop on your road to healing.

There is another reason funeral planning brings closure, and it’s very important. A service, visitation, or reception allows you to tell the world about who your loved one was, what their values and passions were, and how much they contributed not only to your life, but to others as well. This is why Krause Funeral Home offers so many different ways to make a service as unique as your loved one. Here are just a few ideas to spark creativity:

  • How personalization helps after a loss...www.krausefuneralhome.comIf your loved one was an avid art collector, turn their visitation into a gallery of their favorite pieces.
  • A Harley aficionado could have his or her bike right in the visitation room.
  • If they were passionate about the environment, we can arrange a green burial.
  • For a car collector, park their favorite ride at the funeral home entrance.
  • Did your loved one adore reading? Give the reception the feel of a cozy bookstore with a display of their favorite titles.
  • An award-winning gardener could be surrounded by their trophies and favorite plants, with seeds for a favorite flower given to guests as a remembrance of their passion.
  • Arrange for full military honors for your honorably discharged veteran loved one.

If you choose to have a reception, this can be a very special moment. Possibilities for personalization are nearly endless. You could serve your grandmother’s favorite recipe, with their secret recipe given to guests as a memento. Or maybe your mother had a favorite cocktail or wine varietal – share a meaningful toast with all the people who loved her.

At Krause Funeral Home, we know the funeral is never JUST a service. It’s the final moment for you and your family not only to say goodbye in a way that honors your loved one, but it’s one of the first steps you will take to building their legacy for generations to come.

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