How Science Has Proven Funerals Help with the Grieving Process

In many cultures around the world, a type of funeral or ceremony follows the death of a loved one. This shared practice of acknowledging the permanency of death with family and friends can be healing and transformative for those who are grieving. There are also scientific reasons for holding a funeral. At Krause Funeral Home, we encourage our neighbors throughout Milwaukee, New Berlin, and Brookfield to plan a meaningful tribute for their loved one.


Here are some ways science has proven funerals help with the grieving process:


Planning a funeral helps you accept losing your loved one.


Denial is one of the earliest stages of grief most people face when a loved one dies. It can be difficult to digest such an enormous truth, so it’s only natural that people would try to deny it. When you plan a funeral for a loved one, you are forced to come to terms with the reality of the death and can more easily move toward accepting the loss, another important step on your healing journey. Inviting many guests to the funeral ceremony also helps grieving families digest the loss and feel supported within their wider social network.


Rituals provide much-needed stability after a traumatic loss. 


One of the reasons families hold a funeral is to find comfort and solace during a challenging time. The ritual of a funeral, whether you choose to hold a visitation, graveside service, or reception, provides structure and stability for those who are grieving. It can be a great consolation to have a preestablished time and place in which to share in your grief with others who knew and cared for your loved one.


Funeral directors and staff members can help support bereaved families.


Knowing you have a funeral home you can trust means a lot for families who have lost a loved one. Studies have found that funeral directors and staff play a significant role in the grieving process. When families feel supported and heard during the funeral process, from planning to execution, they may experience a decrease in stress along with the overall psychological symptoms of grief. Another way funeral home staff can reduce stressful decision-making around a funeral is to help you plan your funeral services in advance.


If you’re in need of grief support services, would like to learn more about aftercare for seniors, or want to stop by our funeral home to say hello to Bennie, our grief therapy dog, contact our staff today. We are here 24/7 to support you in your grief.