What Is Green Burial and Why Is It Important?

Green or eco-friendly burial is growing in popularity across the country, including Milwaukee, Brookfield, and New Berlin. With our sophisticated natural burial process, we’ve become the area’s premier provider of green burial. Our expert staff is committed to sustainability and supporting families in making the environmentally conscious choice with our green burial services. Despite its increased acceptance, many families in our community may still be unsure of what green burial is and why it’s important.


Here are some key things to know about green burial:


Green burial is a natural return to the earth.

Green burial ensures your loved one returns to the elements as naturally as possible. You can be interred in a shroud, quilt, blanket, or a biodegradable and sustainably grown casket crafted from bamboo, wicker, cardboard, or other natural materials. The body naturally decomposes and returns to the earth, which many consider a beautiful reminder of our deep connection to the environment.


Green burial creates a unique final resting place.


Traditionally, a green burial spot is not marked with a headstone so that there is no man-made material left behind over time. When considering green burial, think about whether having an exact location for your loved one’s final resting place is important to you. For family and friends to easily visit the burial site in the future, you may wish to choose a memorable spot beside a tree or arrange for another type of natural burial marker like a sizable rock.


Here are some benefits of choosing green burial:


Environmental preservation


Traditional caskets and burial vaults are crafted from materials like wood, metal, and concrete. These materials, though long-lasting, have a significant impact on the environment. Choosing green burial reduces carbon emissions and works to preserve our natural surroundings.


Lower costs


Compared to traditional burial, green burial is a more cost-friendly option. The cost of embalming and preparing the body for burial can be prohibitive for some families. The materials used in green burial cost significantly less, as it eliminates the need for a burial vault and reduces the overall price of burial.


If you live in Milwaukee County and are seeking a way to reduce the cost of burial services while also preserving the environment, green burial may be the right choice for you. Contact our dedicated team to learn more about this eco-friendly burial option.