Healthy Kids Day

Here on our Krause Funeral Home blog, we enjoy coming to you each week with relevant topics to help you build a happy and fulfilling life.  We know that life is not a guarantee, and so we all need to find ways to make it meaningful, pleasurable, exciting, and good.  But sometimes, it’s easy to forget that this is as important for children as it is for adults. 

Today, we want to focus on the well-being of children by supporting the upcoming efforts of the YMCA.

On Saturday, April 25th , more than 1300 YMCA’s across the nation will participate in Healthy Kids Day.  It’s the Y’s biggest day of the year, devoted entirely to kids. 

Their mission is to improve the lives of children by helping them to stay active, and stirring their imaginations and creativity.  Research shows that kids who are sedentary in mind and body tend to gain more weight and fall behind in studies.  That’s why it’s important to provide fun opportunities, and creative ways to keep them moving. 

While many schools have cut physical education programs from their curriculum, the YMCA has made it their mission to provide this supplemental support for kid’s health.   On Healthy Kids Day, you’ll find crafts, games, educational opportunities, and a lot of great fun.  While the events are created with kids in mind, they’re geared so that your whole family can enjoy them together. 

There is nothing quite like living life with a healthy mind and body, no matter what age you are.  Kids are no exception, so say yes to healthy kids, and head for your local Y on April 25th

To find a YMCA near you, click on the link: and enter your zip code in the orange box.  The Y finder will provide you with the locations nearest you. 

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