At Our Funeral Home, Everyone is a VIP

When a movie star, politician or other celebrity dies, it seems as if the world stops. People remember where they were when JFK was shot. The world cried as Princess Diana was laid to rest. It is still hard to believe Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston are gone.

Stars perform tributes to the deceased’s music, speeches are given in his or her honor, grand processionals are organized with thousands of fans waving goodbye.  As admirers, we remember, we laugh, we cry, we move forward.

A funeral honoring your loved one should be no different. At Krause Funeral Home, we believe your aunt, uncle, grandmother, grandfather, parent, sister, brother, or best friend deserves the same honors and personalization. We design each ceremony around your unique preferences and budget. Celebrate their accomplishments, remember what made him or her smile, and show loved ones why their life is one of a kind.

The best way to make the service momentous is to preplan. Our prearranging specialists can help you create a one of a kind celebration. We offer countless options from musical performances, video tributes, casket and urn personalization, eulogies, military salutes, dove and butterfly releases, motorcycle hearses and more.

At our funeral home, every life matters. Call today to begin planning your final bow.


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