Do I Have to Pay When I Preplan?

“When I die, I don’t want a big to-do. Just cremate me and be done with it.”

“When I die, I don’t want a sad funeral. I want a party that celebrates my life!”

“When I die, be sure any donations go to my favorite charities. You know what they are.”

You may have heard statements like these from the people in your life – or said something similar yourself. Most Milwaukeeans have preferences for their final farewell, yet far too many don’t get them in writing. This leaves their loved ones with unanswered questions, and this is why we encourage everyone to plan their own arrangements ahead of time.

Whenever the topic of preplanning comes up, one of the first questions our staff hears is, “If I preplan, do I have to pay for everything right now?” While this is a common misconception, the answer is definitely no. We can simply keep all of your preferences on file. There are some advantages to prepaying though, such as securing the costs of today’s funeral and taking the burden of paying for the service from your family’s shoulders.

The last thing a family should have to worry about after a death is how to pay the funeral, burial, or cremation costs. Prepaying makes sure this is never an issue. It’s a practical way to take pressure off the people who matter most to you.

Instead of leaving your family to make decisions during an emotional time, which can often lead to overspending, you are in control of what is spent on your funeral service and burial, if that’s your choice. There are options for every budget, and there is no right or wrong amount to spend on a funeral. The price of a funeral service is completely decided by your needs and wishes.

When you prefund a funeral, you and your certified preplanner will put the details of your wishes in writing, including specific services and manufacturer and model of the merchandise you choose.

At the time of death, we will compare that detailed list with a current price list to gather current costs. If at the time of death, the cost of services and merchandise chosen is more than the value of the policy, we will cover the difference. You are guaranteed the service and merchandise you originally chose at no additional cost to you.

Whether or not you choose to prepay, preplanning leaves your family with a sense of direction, and the details to honor you the way you want. When it comes to your funeral, do you want to follow your family’s traditions? Or do you want something entirely different? What about adding personal elements such as favorite songs or readings? After the funeral is over, do you want your loved ones to gather for a meal? These specifics are what make a final farewell memorable while helping with the healing process.

Maybe it’s never occurred to you to plan your own arrangements. Or maybe it’s been on your to-do list for a while, and you just haven’t gotten around to it. The fact is, after a death, there are more than 100 details to address – and you can give your family a gift by making many of those decisions ahead of time. Our planning checklist outlines each item, and our easy online form allows you to begin the process online from the comfort of home.

If you have questions or would like to set up an appointment at one of our four convenient locations in Milwaukee, New Berlin, and Brookfield, reach out to us today. You’ll be glad you did.

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