Why We Call It a “Celebration of Life”

Krause Funeral Homes has been a part of the Milwaukee landscape for over 80 years, and in that time, we’ve seen a change in how people want to be honored after they die. We’ve probably all attended a funeral that is solemn in nature, where attendees are dressed in black and the service is quiet and mournful. Certainly many in Milwaukee, New Berlin, and Brookfield still prefer this type of ceremony, viewing the tradition and tone as appropriate for grieving a loss and especially comforting.

Others, though, have embraced a different style of paying tribute – a “celebration of life,” marked with joy, laughter, food, and a focus on a loved one’s passions, personality, and accomplishments. At Krause, we specialize in helping families say a final farewell any way they choose, whether traditional or highly personalized and unique. Our certified celebrants are specially trained to create the most meaningful celebrations of life with special readings, music choices, and more.

Pause for a moment and think about what you would like your own funeral to look like. Would you prefer a serious, somber service? Or something more party-like, featuring your favorite food and drink with decorations that mirror your interests? No matter your preferences, we can create a one-of-a-kind event. And when you preplan your own arrangements, you can be in control over the details. Picture your loved ones celebrating your life in these ways:

Your Favorite Foods: We all know food can bring a sense of comfort and familiarity, especially during difficult times. So, imagine your family dining on the casseroles, side dishes, and desserts that always made an appearance at your family gatherings. Or maybe you’d prefer a chic cocktail reception, with appetizers and your favorite wine. Krause was the first funeral home in Wisconsin to obtain a state license to offer in-house catering facilities, including beer and wine. Let us make all the arrangements in our facilities. We can give guests the comfortable feeling of relaxing at home or being wined and dined in a private restaurant room – all with favorite food and drink at hand.

Decorations and mementos: Do you have a cherished collection, maybe Brewers memorabilia, coins from around the world, or cookbooks that have been in the family for generations? Our team can create a beautiful display on a special table. Or maybe a theme would be appropriate – say, the Green Bay green and gold. We’ve even parked a classic car in the entryway as a nod to a much-loved hobby. The possibilities are endless, and our team has the experience to get our facilities in Brookfield or New Berlin, or on Capitol Drive and Brown Deer Road in Milwaukee, all decked out in the most special way.

Memorable features: This is where our ability to “design experiences” really shines at Krause. Motorcycle enthusiasts have got to see our 19th century-style hearse drawn by a V-twin-powered 3-wheel Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Or maybe you would like to feature a butterfly or dove release, or an environmentally safe balloon release with special notes and messages attached. We help many families give guests keepsakes, such as a favorite candy or seeds of a favorite flower so they have a token to bring home and, if they wish, hold onto for years to come.

As you can see, a celebration of life doesn’t minimize grief or sidestep the sadness that’s sure to accompany a death. Rather, it leaves a lasting impact and helps people focus on the beauty of life. If you would like to learn more about how to personalize a celebration for a loved one, or preplan your own arrangements, let our Krause Funeral Homes team help. Reach out to us today.

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