Being Green: Caring for the Earth Even in Death

Here at Krause Funeral Home, we don’t believe our job is to simply help you plan a funeral service. It’s to come alongside you in telling the story of a life. That includes incorporating aspects of a person’s interests, hobbies, accomplishments, and perhaps most of all, their values and passions. Many of us know people who are concerned about protecting the environment. Did you know they can even communicate this passion in their final farewell through having a green burial or cremation?

Telling the story of a life through green burial....www.krausefuneralhome.comSo, what is a green burial or cremation? While the procedures still treat the deceased in a way that is dignified, almost equal importance is placed on making the smallest impact on the environment as possible through the conservation of natural resources and the use of environmentally-friendly materials. The processes followed also tend to be healthier for the funeral service providers themselves.

Our experienced team at Krause Funeral Home can help you plan a green burial or cremation for yourself or someone you love, including making available to you a number of “green” casket and urn options. These caskets and urns are made of products like pine or wicker, as they are often produced in a more environmentally-conscious way and biodegrade more easily.

If you want to preplan a green burial or cremation for yourself, here are a few other ideas to spark creativity:

  • After the service or family gathering, release environmentally-safe balloons with special notes and messages attached for a special send off.
  • Release butterflies or doves.
  • Organize a catered organic – even vegetarian – lunch or dinner.
  • Ask guests that in lieu of flowers, they should make a donation to the earth-focused charity of your choice.
  • Hand out packages of native tree or flower seeds at the service, encouraging your guests to plant them in your honor.

The most important thing when planning a funeral – whether it’s cremation or burial – green or not – it’s that farewell reflects the life that was lived. Our team at Krause Funeral Home can do this expertly.

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