4 Arrangement Options You May Not Know About

When it comes time to plan a loved one’s final farewell, it’s important for Milwaukee-area families to know all their options – and here at Krause Funeral Home, the options are many. After all, we want to help you honor and reflect what made your friend or family member’s life so meaningful. The best way to do this is by integrating aspects of their interests, accomplishments, value, and passions into their funeral and burial. Adding personal details is a significant part of the grieving process and creates memories that will last a lifetime.

Our professional staff has more than eight decades of experience helping our neighbors in Milwaukee, New Berlin, and Brookfield make these choices. While many families may be inclined to select a traditional burial and funeral service, there are additional, lesser-known choices available. Not everyone is traditional, and so not all of our options are traditional! Here are a few alternatives to consider:

Receptions – with a twist! Imagine the ability to toast to your loved one with their favorite beer or wine! Gathering with friends and family in remembrance adds so much to a funeral or visitation. Offering food and drink enhances the experience. Krause is the first funeral home in Wisconsin to obtain a state license to offer in-house catering facilities, including beer and wine. Let us arrange a visitation or reception with everything from hors d’oeuvres and a buffet to soft drinks, beer, and wine – all from the comfort of our beautiful facilities.

Green Burials. Green or natural burials are becoming more common, as Milwaukeeans strive to make a minimal imprint on the environment. This option aims to avoid chemical preservatives or traditional metal and wood caskets. Remains may be put directly into the ground either shrouded in cloth or buried in containers made of easily biodegradable materials, such as cardboard, wicker, or pine. Outer burial containers may or may not be required. There are a few Southeastern Wisconsin cemeteries with dedicated sections for green burial. Options vary between cemeteries and Krause Funeral Homes can help families decide which would best serve their needs.

Customized Caskets. Personalizing a final resting place is a special way to pay tribute to your loved one’s interests, passions, and even career. If your uncle was an avid Packer fan, imagine how much he would love having the Green and Gold logo on his casket. Or picture how an image of a firefighter’s helmet would honor your grandfather and his many decades of service as a firefighter. From quotes to maps to unique designs, the options are endless.

Celebrant Services. For those who prefer not to have a traditional religious funeral service, celebrants are an alternative to a memorial led by clergy. Our certified celebrants meet with families to hear about memories, anecdotes, and special moments with their loved one, then incorporate these stories into a personalized farewell. What’s more, they have access to a library of resources available for readings, music, and ceremonies.

As you think through your options – or maybe even consider preplanning your own arrangements with us, you can have confidence that our caring team will walk with you though every step. We want you to put a plan in place that will bring meaning and comfort to your family. It’s what we’re here for and it’s what we do best. Reach out to us today to get started.

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