Why You Should Include Receptions in Your Prearrangements

The world is like a library filled with books, with each person contributing his or her own volume. And everyone wants to be sure that when they leave the earth, their story will still be told. You can be a part of making sure this happens by preplanning your own funeral arrangements with Krause Funeral Home. It will give you a unique opportunity to express your wishes and your personality, while saving your loved ones from the burden of having to make funeral-related decisions during a difficult time. What are your preferences? Burial or cremation? A formal service or a celebration of life? What music should be played? Should there be a reception?

The idea of having a reception as a part of your farewell might give you pause at first. Some people even wonder if it’s necessary. But including a reception in your prearrangement plans is important for both you and your loved ones. It allows you to add all the personal touches needed to express your story. Your family will be able to properly grieve with other family and friends while enjoying your memory through the personal touches you have included.

Everybody’s stories are unique, and having a reception is a great way to tell yours. If you choose to serve a full meal, you can make sure your favorite dishes will be served. Or maybe even a dish you loved to prepare for your family. You can accent each table with your favorite flowers and signature colors. You can plan to send your loved ones home with a keepsake for them to hold close forever. The options are endless and completely up to you. By preplanning these arrangements, you can have peace of mind knowing you’ll be memorialized in the way you want.

Aside from being able to personalize your reception, you also provide your family with comfort during an extremely difficult time. A reception allows your loved ones to be surrounded by other family and friends. No matter how close these people are, complete strangers or best friends, the comfort they can bring each other is irreplaceable. Having everybody together in one room allows them to share their fondest memories of you. They can laugh and even cry together as they lean on one another for support. This opportunity is vital to the grieving process. Make it easier on your loved ones and plan the whole event for them. What a gift of love it will be!

Including a reception in your prearrangement plan has many priceless benefits. Come to our expert team for help getting started, or you can even begin the process here online.

How will you plan to use a reception to tell your story?

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