Why Tribute Videos Are So Important

For many families we serve here at Krause in Milwaukee, Brookfield, and New Berlin, a funeral ceremony or memorial service provides an opportunity to begin the healing process and to pay a unique tribute to a deceased loved one. There are many ways to personalize a funeral, from a memory table to live music to a reception. Organizing a funeral can be overwhelming, as it often involves a lot of details and logistics. Our experienced staff has helped many families put together a tribute video for their loved ones and witnessed firsthand the benefits.

Here are some of the reasons our team believes tribute videos are so important:

A tribute video captures special moments from your loved one’s life in one place.

Compiling footage and photographs of your loved one into a tribute video allows you to integrate significant life events into a single memorial item. You can personalize the video by incorporating your loved one’s favorite music or photographs so that all who watch the video can share in the remembrance of your loved one.

A tribute video provides guests a chance for reflection.

In most cases, friends and family gather to watch their loved one’s tribute video. This provides everyone shared moments of reflection and a chance to remember their loved one. Reliving fond memories can provide a sense of solace and peace during a challenging time of grief.

A tribute video makes a meaningful keepsake for your family.

We encourage every family we serve to honor their loved one with a permanent memorial or special remembrance. A tribute video serves as a keepsake that families can keep and revisit for years to come.

A tribute video can help you feel closer to your loved one.

Losing someone you love is difficult and seeing them on-screen can help you feel closer to them, even just momentarily. This can be a comfort during a time of intense grief. Perhaps during the first few months or years after a loved one’s death, you don’t feel ready to look at such poignant reminders of the person you have lost. The good thing about a tribute video is that it will be there for you to watch and remember your loved one when you are ready

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