How to Talk to Your Parents About Preplanning

With COVID-19 and a variety of unsettling events occurring around the world in recent years, it’s natural to desire more security during drastic change and uncertainty. One simple way to help you feel more in control is to put your end-of-life preferences into writing. At Krause, we encourage all our neighbors in New Berlin, Milwaukee, and Brookfield to preplan their funeral or cremation.

Our experienced team hears many people express concern about their parents’ lack of preparation for their own funerals. We understand how difficult it can be to initiate a conversation around end-of-life issues. If you’re ­wondering how to talk to your parents about preplanning, here are some helpful tips:

Approach the topic with sensitivity and care.

Before discussing burial plots and cremation urns with your parents, ease into the topic of preplanning with an expression of how much you care about their well-being. Telling them how invested you are in their lives communicates your genuine concern for their futures. It’s also perfectly acceptable to draw attention to the discomfort of the situation. Acknowledging how unsettling the topic of death can be may result in everyone feeling more at ease talking about it.

Explain the benefits of preplanning.

It’s natural for some people to squirm at death-related topics, so let your parents know the benefits of preplanning early in the conversation. Doing so emphasizes the positive aspects of planning ahead, from financial clarity to peace of mind to getting your detailed wishes down in writing. Preplanning also allows you to make decisions at your own pace. If your parents are elderly or in poor health, however, making prearrangements may be more urgent.

Reassure them that you want to see their final wishes honored.   

If your parents need more encouragement to preplan, remind them how important they are to you. Let them know that you hope not to need to put their final arrangements in place till far into the future and tell them you love them. They’ll likely appreciate your sincere concern for their happiness.

When our neighbors plan ahead with Krause, they’ll have the assurance that their future plans will be carried out to their specifications. We welcome our neighbors in Milwaukee County to contact our dedicated staff to learn more about preplanning a funeral or cremation with us. We’ll provide more information on preplanning your service at our funeral home and answer any questions you may have.