What to Give at a Funeral

There are many appropriate gifts to send a family who has experienced a loss. It’s essential to show friends you care and are thinking of them during this difficult time.

Flowers soften sadness and express caring. You can really see the value of flowers by attending a funeral where there are none, then attending one that has a great deal of flowers. Listen to the families as they see the flowers and read the loving notes. Flowers are a lovely way to show friends you are thinking of them. You can easily order flowers via our Krause Funeral Home website (see the obituary page for the link), or by contacting FTD or local florists directly.

Living plants are a meaningful gift that can be planted or displayed in the house after the service, acting as a memorial to the deceased. A flower or small tree can be an expression of kindness and support that will live long after the funeral.

For many people, food is the greatest gift you can give. Losing a loved one can be so heart-wrenching, finding the energy to cook or even eat can seem impossible. Sending delicious meals that can easily be heated and prepared are appreciated more than you know, especially to a widow or widower with children to feed. When you are grieving, not having to worry about making a meal can lift a burden from a parent’s back.

We recommend reading the obituary notice of the deceased before deciding on a gift.  This is a good practice because many families will note specific requests regarding gifts and donations, such as “in lieu of flowers, please make donations to…” or “our family kindly requests no gifts.”  It is always important to respect the wishes of the family; however, an expression of kindness can never be wrong. 

If you need further help finding the perfect gift that also meets your needs and budget, please feel free to contact our staff for assistance.

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