What Should I Send?

CTT83-11_D5_2Melanie L. asks "What is an appropriate size <flower> arrangement if the deceased is a relative of a friend of yours? Is it more appropriate to just send a note and a donation to the organization suggested?"

Sending flowers, plants, prayer cards or donations to charitable organizations (in lieu of flowers, the family may request monetary donations towards a charitable foundation) are all appropriate gestures whether the deceased is a relative or a friend. It is really a matter of personal choice. If you decide to send flowers there is no steadfast rule of thumb on the size of the flowers you should send; however, sending something unique or that will live beyond funeral services may help your message stand out.

Check out the Bright Tomorrows Azalea for under $50. Or the Vibrant Garden with plants that are purposefully hidden in separate containers so that each family member may take a piece home. The Heavenly Comfort remembrance wreath for about $100 is simple, elegant and unique.

For more unique and traditional flower ideas click here.

*For privacy reasons, we have changed the names of the people who have asked the question.

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