United, Not Divided

The world is a diverse place; we see this even within our own families.  Differences of philosophy, politics, and religion can often drive us apart, but when a loved one passes away we need to find a way, and a place to come together in the sameness of our grief.

That’s why Krause Funeral Homes designed our Chapel of Peace to be a safe and sacred place for all walks of life and spiritual paths.   Our colors are warm and peaceful, and make it an inviting place for your loved one’s life to be honored without creating discomfort for those of diverse beliefs.

Our high beam ceilings and artfully conceived stained glass murals provide a meditative focal point, and essential element of beauty which allows for personal reflection and contemplation.  Our sound system, adjustable lighting, and candles enhance both the visitation and the funeral service experience.

If your family is like ours, there is a wide variety of personalities, opinions, and beliefs which need to be bridged during a time of loss.  When planning the funeral of a loved one, diversity doesn’t have to bring division.

Stay united in your love and in your grief, and find comfort together in our Chapel of Peace.

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