Tracing Your Family Roots

Learning about your ancestry can be fascinating and meaningful. You may be surprised at what you discover: historical figures you’re related to, famous events your forefathers witnessed, or causes they fought to defend.  This can be a wonderful way to connect with parents or grandparents. Ask about their childhood and memories, where they grew up and how their life unfolded. Every person has a story to tell; knowing their history helps you understand them and your background. 

Tracing your roots is also a wonderful way to connect with loved ones who are gone.  The months and years after a passing can be difficult, as you may feel you are losing your closeness to him or her.  Researching your family history may introduce you to a world of knowledge about your loved one and where they came from. It may bring a smile to your face to learn what a wonderful and rich life they had before you even entered their world.

Finding out about your family’s history has never been easier. Websites like can locate extensive information about your heritage at the click of a button. You can hire an expert to answer specific questions or examine your genealogy records at your local family history center.

Perhaps you may have already begun uncovering your ancestry.  If so, we would love to hear about your personal stories of discoveries.  Please post them in our comment sections below. 

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