The Power of a Meaningful Obituary

Have you ever read an obituary that was so heartfelt it moved you to tears? Or how about a light-hearted obituary that perfectly captured someone’s zest for life? After working with so many Milwaukee-area families over the years, our staff at Krause Funeral Homes knows just how powerful these words can be for those who are left behind.

An obituary is an opportunity to let a friend or family member’s character shine as you express what was important to them, and highlight what made them unique. This might translate to a well-known story that brings to mind beloved personality traits, quirks, or eccentricities. Or it could be a few short lines about the lasting impression that person made on those closest to them. Really, it’s whatever best represents their life.

Some of the families we work with request a traditional obituary: a notice of death, a story of life, a family record, a request for memorial donations, a source of information about a funeral service, and a thank you to special people, institutions, or groups who helped along the way.

Other families want to veer away from the traditional, preferring an obituary that tends toward humorous, witty, or wry.  While some families want to keep the obituary brief and direct, others see it as an opportunity to share favorite stories and notable details about their loved one.

The bottom line is that a meaningful obituary is one that represents who a person was – and these words can be a real gift to those who are grieving a loss.

At Krause Funeral Homes, our caring staff has the knowledge and experience to help you put together a compelling tribute. We realize writing an obituary may seem daunting, especially with the many other decisions and tasks that must be addressed after the death of a loved one. But we are here to help you find the words you want to say. It’s all about being true to the person you’re writing about, and we know the questions to ask to create an abbreviated story of a life.

After all, in many cases, an obituary is the only article ever written about a person and may be the only record of existence that remains centuries later. We realize how important this is, and that’s why we post obituaries on our website free of charge for families we serve. Our online obituaries also provide information about the visitation, service, burial, and memorial, links to send sympathy flowers or request a lighting of a memory candle, as well as a place to share written condolences.

Obituaries can form a meaningful connection with a loved one who has died, and it’s our honor to help you put your thoughts down on paper. Turn to us for help anytime.

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