The Most Important Choice: Our Cremation with Confidence™ Guarantee

There are so many decisions you will make throughout your life. Some are more important than others. Taking a new job. Moving cross country. Getting married. It can certainly be argued that one of the most important decisions you will make is that of a funeral home – particularly if your choice is cremation. Whether you’re at your moment of need and you have to select a funeral home quickly, or you’re thinking ahead and want to choose a funeral home for yourself, you have an important decision at hand. The question is, with all of the options available in the Milwaukee area, how can you be confident you’re doing what’s best for your family by making your choice?

Many people come to us at Krause Funeral Homes because they know we’re a family-owned business with values similar to their own. Other people hear about us through friends and family, or have read about our variety of services and personalization options. The main reason people get in touch with us is because we have a reputation for being trustworthy in everything we do. And, really, in funeral service, there is nothing more important than that.

Without a doubt, this trust extends to our cremation services. It only takes a quick online search to uncover story upon story about cremation scandals across the country. But one thing is certain: With us, you never have to worry about how your loved one will be treated.

We offer a 10-step cremation process of checks and balances backed by our exclusive Cremation with Confidence™ Guarantee. Our trademarked process ensures that your loved one never leaves our care from the moment they arrive at our funeral home, through the cremation process, to the return of the cremated remains to you. We are proud to be the only family-owned funeral provider in Brookfield, Milwaukee and New Berlin to offer the Cremation with Confidence™ Guarantee. And unlike other area funeral homes and cremation societies who outsource cremation to third-party providers, we own and operate our own crematory.

This enables us to observe the entire cremation process from beginning to end, ensuring every one of the ten steps is followed with precision. We can also make sure our equipment is maintained meticulously, and that only licensed, trained staff members complete the cremation. Our code of ethics goes above and beyond what the state of Wisconsin requires of us.

For an extra measure of peace of mind, we have a special viewing room right next to our crematory, so you can be present for the start of the cremation process. We’re the only funeral home in Milwaukee with this option, and we encourage you to tour our facility and ask any questions you may have.

Whether you’re interested in preplanning your own funeral, or are anticipating the passing of a loved one, our Krause family is here for you. Please reach out to us today.

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