The Internet & Bereavement Support

 The internet continues to change the way we function in our day-to-day world.  This is true even in the case of bereavement support.  In past decades, scattered support groups met throughout the city (and still do), but it can be difficult to find one meeting at a time that’s convenient to your schedule.

That’s why on-line support groups can be especially helpful.  These forums provide new ways to help you cope with grief in the weeks and months following the loss of a loved one.  Most allow you to participate whenever the moment is right for you, and when your schedule permits, not when it’s convenient for someone else.

Loss often creates a feeling of loneliness and isolation, but it’s important to remember that you’re never alone. The web allows you to connect with thousands of people dealing with the loss of a loved one—just like you. Online forums such as Grief, Loss, & Recovery on Facebook, or Silent Grief (designed specifically for those who have lost children), can be extremely helpful.  These pages offer emotional support and friendship while providing a safe haven for the bereaved. Most importantly, it’s an opportunity for people to learn from one another.

For those not on Facebook, there are other website that can assist you, such as and, as well as many others.  It may take a little time to find the online group that feels most comfortable to you, but it will be worth your effort.  Many who grieve feel bad, and sometimes embarrassed talking about their pain in front of family and friends.  But these bereavement communities give people a place to express their pain openly and without judgment, find helpful resources, and receive encouragement from others who have begun successfully coping with their loss.

Losing a loved one will never be easy, but with the internet there are countless ways to talk and connect with individuals all over the world. These people are feeling what you’re feeling or have overcome the tragedy you are going through right now.  Help is just a click away.  And as always, Krause Funeral Home will be here to assist you in any way we can.

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