The Importance of Gathering After a Funeral

Think back to the major life events that have occurred in your family. Weddings, the birth of a child, anniversaries, and even the purchase of a new home were probably marked by some kind of a gathering – maybe in a restaurant or reception venue, or perhaps just around the kitchen table. Your loved ones shared food and drink, connected, and reflected on the life change.

After a death, this gathering isn’t simply a tradition or a nice idea – it is critically important to your grieving process.

The importance of funeral receptions in the healing
Mark Krause

When your loved one dies, the funeral and the events following it don’t belong to the deceased as much as they belong to you and the others who were left behind. At Krause Funeral Home, we are passionate about helping you create a farewell that will not only honor how unique your loved one was, but also help move you – and your whole family – along the path towards healing. Gathering your family and friends together, either before or after a funeral service, for a time of conversation and connectedness is an integral part of working through grief and remembering your loved one.

You might be thinking that when facing this most difficult moment, the last thing you will want to do is host a large get together. It’s much easier to throw a big party during those happy moments. Don’t try to do this alone. Gather trusted friends, neighbors, or extended family members who can help you plan. When you reach out to us, we will be here to help you. With Krause, you can arrange a catered reception for a large or more intimate gathering. We are the first funeral home in Wisconsin to offer in-house catering facilities, including beer and wine. Only at Krause can you host a visitation or reception with buffet sandwiches, salads, soft drinks, hors d’oeuvres, and more right in the proximity of the visiting room. We also have private “family only” rooms, where small children can play or in case you need to escape for a moment of reflection.

We will eliminate the work of hosting in your home or the fuss of making reservations at a restaurant for a large group. We’ll take all the work out of the gathering for you, so you can focus on your healing.

If a family event like this was helpful for you after a loss, please tell us how in the comments below.

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