The Family-Owned Funeral Home: We Answer Only to You

Most people living in Milwaukee, Brookfield, or New Berlin don’t think much about funeral homes until a loved one dies. But that often happens unexpectedly, and choices have to be made quickly. But it’s such an important decision – you want to be sure the funeral or cremation provider you choose has your family’s best interests in mind and is someone you can trust with such an important moment. You want to have confidence in their pricing and services, and feel comfortable with their staff and level of professionalism.

Here at Krause Funeral Homes, you can rest assured that you can rely on us. Here’s the primary reason why: Our funeral homes have been family owned since the very beginning, founded by our Owner, Mark Krause’s, father and uncles. Throughout the eight decades that followed, we have built a strong, reliable  reputation within our community. Throughout all the decades of service, we have answered only to you – not a board of directors or corporate shareholders.

Since we’re owned and operated by a family, our caring staff has the flexibility to do what it takes to meet your needs, without the trappings of corporate red tape. Surely you’ve had experience with a corporation that has lost all sense of personal service and attention to detail. Unfortunately, this can happen to corporate-owned funeral homes too. With us, you will never feel like a number. Our compassion and care come across in everything we do because it’s genuine! Family is as important to us as it is to you, and we know how difficult it is when a loved one is no longer with us. We realize the funeral, burial, and cremation options might feel overwhelming on top of your grief and emotions, and we are here to help with every detail.

Since we are an integral part of the Milwaukee community – most of us were born and raised here – we also understand your values and traditions and know how to incorporate them into a final farewell. We’re all about personal service, making ourselves available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Whether you arrived on our blog while researching end-of-life decisions for a loved one, or you’re thinking about putting your own funeral plans in place, we encourage you to trust our Krause family to help.

From our classes and seminars held throughout Milwaukee County, to the personalized details we offer that are sure to add a special touch to a funeral, you can turn to us with your end-of-life needs. Our team will give our full care and attention so you can concentrate on your family when it matters most. Contact us today with questions, or to learn more about our preplanning services and all the ways our family can help yours.

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