The Coming of Age

We move through life at warp speed these days.  Everything is fast—fast—fast, and our patience for anything slow seems to be dwindling. We get impatient waiting for the microwave to warm our food, when the line at the grocery store has more than one person in it, or while waiting for a pedestrian walking too slowly through the crosswalk for our liking.   We’re always in such a hurry, and our need for speed is reducing our tolerance for those who can’t keep up. 

Our fast paced world can make life for the elderly extremely difficult. 

With age comes a natural slowing down that none are exempt from.  We aren’t as active.  Muscles and joints begin to move slower and gentler.  The mind takes more time to engage and process information than it once did.  But age doesn’t mean that we’ve lost our value.

Older people are beautiful! 

They understand who they are.  They aren’t worried about making a good impression on others by being something they’re not.  They’re at home in their own skin.  They don’t care if others approve of what they wear; they wear what’s comfortable, and easy to move in.  They don’t sweat the small stuff.  They’ve learned long ago that worry is a waste of time.   And the wisdom they’ve acquired about life, finances, relationship, and family is profound, and often humorous.   One of the best things about elderly people is that they have time to give—if you have time to spend. 

We encourage you to look around.  There is likely an elderly person/couple in your life or neighborhood who could use a friend like you.  And you may be surprised how much you need a friend like them.  So slow down, and remember to treat others around you—especially the elderly, as you’ll want to be treated one day. 

Author Robin Sharma said it this way, “The respect you give to others is a dramatic reflection of the respect you’ll give yourself.” 

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