The Changing Face of Funeral Services

For decades the funeral service profession was considered “men’s work,” but did you know that for the past few years 58% of all mortuary school graduates have been women?

It’s true.  More and more women are choosing careers as Funeral Directors.

Women have long occupied significant roles in the healthcare industry as doctors, nurses, physical therapists, counselors, social workers, and more.  Many believe this is due to the fact that women are more caring and compassionate by nature, and more sensitive when it comes to dealing with people in both physical and emotional pain.

However, we’ve found that men and women alike have a need to do something meaningful with their lives; something that makes a difference in their community and in their world.  At Krause we select Directors based on the person, and the skills they bring to the profession, not based on gender.    Both men and women are fully capable of being Funeral Directors, and though it can be physically challenging work at times, even those of smaller stature can learn to leverage their own physicality in ways that help them accomplish the task at hand.

In our profession we also learn the fine art of teamwork.  It’s through teamwork that we are able to provide the flawless service your family deserves.  Our team of Funeral Directors is comprised of both men and women who are licensed, degreed, and fully trained to meet your needs.  The face of funeral services may be changing, but our goal remains the same— to provide your family with the highest quality professional funeral services, while treating your loved one with the utmost dignity and respect.

As an EOE, Krause Funeral Home employs and supports the growing number of women entering the funeral service profession, and encourages anyone desiring to make a difference in their community to consider a rewarding career in funeral services.   

2 thoughts on “The Changing Face of Funeral Services

  1. I really liked how you mentioned that both men and women are capable funeral directors and think it’s cool that women are getting into this space. My grandma helped at a funeral service for some years and enjoyed helping families through an often difficult time. I will definitely consult a professional service if I ever need help with this.

  2. That’s interesting that more and more women are getting into the field. I wonder what could cause that trend? My uncle passed so I’m researching options.

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