Technology: Changing How We Approach Funerals

How technology is changing funerals...www.krausefuneralhome.comWe all know we live in a truly digital age. The Pew Research Center reports 84% of Americans own a personal computer and nearly two-thirds of them have some kind of Smartphone. Innovation has always been an important value for us at Krause Funeral Home, so we know we need to continue to adapt to the digital needs of the families we serve. It’s all a part of meeting modern families where they are and creating meaningful experiences for those saying a final goodbye to their loved one.

One major way we’ve seen the digital age impact today’s funerals is with the ability to preplan a funeral or cremation online. For the first time, you can design your own farewell from the comfort of your own home and at a time that’s convenient for you. This gives you the ability to be in control and to consider each decision privately and without any external influence. When you preplan online with Krause, you’ll be amazed at how streamlined and private the process is with Passare.

Your plans are password protected, and you can begin planning, then stop and save your progress, returning back to it whenever you’d like. We’ve even created a convenient checklist for you, and we’re always here if you have questions.

Krause Funeral Home also offers you a number of digital methods for both expressing and receiving love after a death. Online obituaries have nearly replaced traditional newspaper death announcements. With it, you can create an online memorial, uploading photos and videos, sharing your loved one’s life story, and then posting the obituary you’ve created to your social media sites. Friends and relatives can leave condolences for your family, and we can print out the emailed or posted condolences and put them in your guest register book for a permanent tribute. Posting the obituary online also creates a convenient and quick way to communicate service and visitation location and details so you can focus on celebrating life instead of relaying dates, times, and directions.

Like with anything else involving technology, there is a tradeoff. We should never forget the power of a warm, handwritten note, or a well-timed phone call from a friend. But if technology is used the right way, it can create a bridge between people and offer true love and support during a time of loss.

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