Taking Time to Remember

We’re approaching a crazy time of year.   Cans of pumpkin and cranberry sauce are overtaking the aisles of our grocery stores, retailers are giving sneak peeks of sales to come, and the holidays will be upon us before we know it.

Not that this is anything new.  It’s the same seasonal marathon we put ourselves through year after year.  But for many, this year will be different.  Extremely different.  Painfully different.

For those who have lost a loved one during the past few months, nothing will be the same—especially the holidays.  The activities that once created excitement may now create exhaustion, and simple traditions that once brought us comfort will only serve as painful reminders of our loss.  We must establish new habits and new traditions in their place.

But how can we move forward knowing our loved ones can’t?

One of the most important keys to moving forward is knowing that our loved one was sufficiently honored, and that their memory will somehow live on through our actions.  We carry their legacy, and so rather than try to put them out of our mind, it become all the more important that we take time to remember.

At Krause Funeral Home we understand the importance of remembering all those who have passed through our world and touched our lives in a special way.

This is why we annually host a Service of Remembrance for the many families we’ve had the privilege of serving throughout the year.  The remembrance service provides a place where we can talk about the death of our loved ones, accept our feelings of loss, recognize that others around us are walking their own journey of grief, and most importantly, continue celebrating the lives of those we’ve lost.

They are gone, but never forgotten.

The Krause Funeral Home Remembrance Service is scheduled for Sunday, December 8, 2013.  Please see the notice on the home page of our website, and click on the link provided for further details and RSVP information.  We hope you will join us as we share in a special time of remembrance together.     

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