Pizza and Preplanning – End-of-Life Preparation at Krause’s Makes National News

It’s not every day NBC’s The Today Show and Fox News cover a story about Krause Funeral Home, but that’s exactly what happened when we hosted our Pizza and Preplan” events here in Milwaukee County! And we were sure to spread the word about it on our Facebook page.

While visitors enjoyed free pizza from local favorite, Vino Cappuccino, our professional staff described preplanning options, answered questions, and explained the many benefits of making your funeral wishes known ahead of time.

Our Krause team realizes the topic of death is a sensitive one, and many feel uncomfortable talking about it. That’s why we thought to add something a little unusual – and tasty – to our event, in hopes that people would feel more at ease with the discussion. After all, who doesn’t love a delicious slice (or three) of pizza every now and again? We received wonderful feedback, particularly from those who said the food and relaxed atmosphere helped them open up about topics they have previously avoided.

To be sure, the brief amount of time it takes to preplan your funeral goes a long way toward protecting your family from added worry and uncertainty. Here’s why: After a death, family members are faced with at least 100 tasks and decisions, and having documented requests takes away the guesswork. Our planning checklist addresses these needs, including who to notify, where to find important paperwork, and preferences for a funeral or memorial service. You can take your time thinking through the possibilities, and we’ll keep a meticulous list of your requests on file at no cost.

In addition to decreasing emotional stress, preplanning reduces financial stress, as it locks in today’s funeral prices, which are expected to double in the next 15 years. We guarantee you will get your service and merchandise without any added expense in the future.

Our caring team is here to walk you through the decisions you need to make and explain your many options, like ways you can add meaningful personal details to your ceremony. Reach out to us today at one of our four Milwaukee locations so we can help you take steps that will benefit your family in years to come. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for our upcoming classes and seminars – and be sure to bring your appetite!

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