Personalization: Show What Made Your Loved One Special

We believe every life has a story, and our goal is to help you tell it in the best way possible.

Our staff will help you create a service that is meaningful for your family by listening to your specific needs and wants, and offering a wide variety of service options in order to help you fulfill them.  That’s why Krause Funeral home is among the first in our region to provide trained and Certified Life Celebrants as part of our staff.

Celebrants are life tribute professionals that deliver customized and meaningful eulogies at the funeral service.  Our Celebrants meet with individuals and families a few days prior to the service, and based on the precious memories you and your family choose to share, are able to develop a eulogy, creating a personalized life tribute for your loved one.

Personalization is all about honoring what the individual stood for and valued. If your mother loved her garden, we can talk about that in her eulogy.  We can even hand out seeds of her favorite flower for guests to plant in their gardens at home. If your father was a proud Irishman, “Danny Boy” can be played on the bagpipes during the service, or at the burial.  If a family member was devoutly spiritual, our Celebrants can incorporate their favorite prayers and readings.  There are as many ways to celebrate a life as there are possibilities.  No two services are ever alike because no two people are alike.  That means your loved one is celebrated in a way that is unique to him or her.

During such a difficult time, it is important to remember the happy times and the beautiful memories that were made.  We are here to help you do that, and to make sure your loved one’s personality shines through the service.

Our life Celebrants are trained and certified through the In-Sight Institute of Celebrants, one of the most highly regarded training programs in the nation.  If your family is looking for a unique memorial experience for a loved one’s funeral service, consider allowing one of our life celebrants to assist you.   KFH

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