Peace On Earth

This phrase is used frequently throughout the holiday season.  Yet, it’s hard to imagine peace on earth when many have difficulty finding (and maintaining) a sense of peace in their own lives.  While it’s true that world peace may be nearly impossible to ever fully achieve, personal peace is extremely obtainable; it will just mean making a few minor concessions and changes.

It will mean simplifying our lives, and better managing the things, and people, that create disharmony and unrest around us.  From being overly attached to our cell phones, to associating with negative people—we must be willing to remove ourselves from them in order to find peace.  Just say no.

It will mean accepting what is.  In the popular Serenity Prayer Poem, there is a line that states, “God give me the grace to accept the things I cannot change.”  Regardless of our faith or beliefs, this is a must in our lives—to accept the things we cannot change.  This is not defeat, but victory. 

It will mean forgiving others AND ourselves.  Studies show that when we harbor unforgiveness in our hearts, it creates a level of stress and turmoil so severe it may actually lead to physical illness or disease.  It’s just not worth the price tag. 

It will mean doing what we enjoy more frequently.  Dancing, singing, playing an instrument, participating in sports, or simply tinkering in a garage or tool shed—we, as a culture are not enjoying these things nearly as much as we once did—or should.  We’re working more hours in our days than ever, and consequently finding far less time for enjoyment.  A healthy and peace-filled life must have a balance of work and play.

It will mean staying present.  Peace does not lie in the past, or in the future.  It must be created in the here and now.  No looking behind. No looking ahead.  Just being ok with where we are right now will bring the much needed sense of calm we long for. 

As we prepare to celebrate the holidays we are holding you in our thoughts, prayers, and hearts.  We know this has been a difficult year for many, but may faith, hope, and a few simple changes lead you to the peace you seek. 

Wishing you and yours a happy holiday,

Your friends at Krause Funeral Home.

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