A New Look – a New Blog!

Welcome to the new Krause Funeral Home website and blog! If this is your first time stopping by, we hope you’ll spend some time getting to know us, including the many ways we can serve your family and what others have said about us.

We’re so excited about the opportunity to interact with our friends and neighbors through this blog and on our vibrant Facebook community. Did you know there are an estimated 2.5 million blog posts published on the internet each day? So, out of those millions of options, why do we think you’ll take the time to read our blog?

We think if one or more of these five things are true about you, you’ll soon be calling us your new favorite blog:

1.) If you celebrate innovation.

After 80 years of service, our roots grow deep in this community and we know tradition is important, especially at a time of loss. But we’ve also become known as a leader in innovation, always looking for new ways to help families celebrate the lives of their loved ones.

Krause Funeral Home Facility...www.krausefuneralhome.comFor instance, none of our buildings are conversions. Each one of them was constructed from the ground up specifically with you and your needs in mind. We’re also continually looking for ways to make our facilities more comfortable and convenient for all of the families we serve.

We recognize the role animals can play in the healing process after a loss, and we encourage the idea of animal therapy, allowing family pets to attend funeral services and visitations.

We’re also continually looking at ways technology can be harnessed for families looking to plan a memorable tribute for their family member, such as the live streaming of funeral services.

We’ll be talking more about the ways we innovate in funeral service right here in the coming weeks and months.

2.) If you or someone you love has experienced a loss, and need help in your grief

We’re not the kind of funeral home who thinks our responsibility to you and your family ends after the service. We offer an extensive collection of grief resources on our website, and we’ll be bringing you new material here on our blog. From interviews with counselors to recommended reading and beyond, we’re going to make this blog a safe place for you to go when you need a little help getting through the bad days.

3.) If you think end-of-life planning is important.

No one likes thinking about death, but we have found that those who make funeral prearrangements with us find a tremendous amount of peace of mind. It’s a true act of love to make sure your family doesn’t have to worry about these details – and the costs involved – right when they lose you.

We’re going to bring you the resources and ideas you need to make planning your funeral simple and meaningful.

4.) If you have an interest in the cultures that make up our community.

For 80 years, Krause Funeral Home has been serving the good people of Milwaukee, New Berlin, Brookfield, and the surrounding areas. While we’re known for innovation, we also recognize how important it is to understand and celebrate the cultures and peoples that have made this area what it is today. From the contributions of the Hmong community, to the traditions of various Eastern European countries, we will highlight here some of the beautiful threads that make up the tapestry of culture in our area.

5.) If you’re looking for ways to enhance your life

You might not think of a funeral home blog as a place to find encouragement for daily life, but we don’t think it’s odd. Every single day, we help people celebrate the life of their friend or family member and preserve their legacy. You can start building your own legacy today, while you’re still living.

Whether it’s an article about safety, health, or just how to love your family better, this blog will soon become a source for learning how to embrace all the many different aspects of life.

So, welcome! We’re so glad you’ve stopped by and we hope you’ll stay a while. You’ve found a blog home where you can learn, ask questions, and interact with like-minded people.

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