King Tut’s Embalmer Helped Modern Scientists

150px-Tuthankhamun_Egyptian_MuseumThe embalming procedures used by priests back in 1342 B.C. allowed researchers to find viable DNA in 16 royal mummies, including King Tutankhamen, according to a study published yesterday in the Journal of the American Medical Association. With that DNA, scientists have determined that the pharaoh’s parents were siblings, it’s likely he married his sister and he fathered two stillborn babies. They also concluded that it was probably malaria, not murder, that killed him. Medical and radiological investigations reported that he had Plasmodium falciparum (the cause of the most severe form of malaria) along with a debilitating bone disorder, club foot, cleft palette and freshly broken leg.

While he ruled for just nine years, people have been fascinated with the former ruler after a 1922 discovery unearthed his now 3,000 year-old tomb. The tomb revealed that people from the 18th dynasty of the New Kingdom personalized burial rituals by incorporating interests and hobbies. Tut, who was 19 when he died, was buried with his board game called "Senet," his bronze trumpet, his model boat and much, much more.

While burying objects with their owners is not widely popular today, people do pay tribute by tailoring memorials to fit their loved ones.

* An avid Harley rider may have his or her bike brought into the visitation room with riding gear placed around it.
* For an environmentalist, a green burial may be arranged with a catered organic lunch to follow.
* At the service of a car collector, a favorite Corvette or Model A car may be parked at the funeral home entrance.
* For a book lover, a display of favorites may give a reception the feel of a cozy library.
* For the much admired cook, a favorite dish may be served at the visitation with the “secret” recipe handed out as a take-home memento.

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