Keeping Those New Year Resolutions

How are your New Year's Resolutions coming? Get tips for keeping them on

How’s that list of New Year’s resolutions coming? Forbes has reported that only about 8% of us actually achieve our goals, and it’s generally understood that by this time of the year, most have already abandoned their resolutions. So, if you’re struggling, take comfort in the fact that you’re not alone!

One of the most important factors in succeeding at meeting your goals is getting right back up again when you falter. Be resolved, and make your plans reachable and measurable. Share your goals with others and consider asking them to hold you accountable.

So, back to those resolutions. How are YOU doing?

For many of us, we try to set goals about eating healthier and getting more exercise. For others, they want to accomplish personal or professional growth. If you’re struggling with making solid changes in these areas, here are some quick tips you can work into your daily routine today:

  • Switch out your favorite soda at lunch for a glass of fruit-infused water.
  • Instead of picking up a bag of potato chips at the store, find a recipe on Pinterest for savory crispy-baked veggies.
  • Go to bed a half an hour early a few nights a week.
  • Replace the 30 minutes you spend every evening perusing social media sites with a 30-minute walk – if you have a dog who loves walks as much as our grief therapy dog Bennie does, they will love this change!
  • Resolve to pick up a new book every month – whether it’s about self-improvement or an interesting biopic, focus on learning.
  • Sign up for a conference or workshop that will help you with your career goals.

You’ll notice one thing about these tips – they’re relatively simple. You’re not trying to change everything at once – you’re making those incremental tweaks that will eventually make healthy habits a part of your regular routine.

As people start a new year, they also start thinking about making plans for their future. We have talked here on this blog about the importance of preplanning. While this might not be the most obvious New Year’s resolution, it can be an important one. Think of how relieved your loved ones will be when they’ve learned you’ve thought of every detail, and perhaps even taken care of the financial considerations involved in a funeral service.

Like these other health tips we shared, preplanning with Krause Funeral Home is incredibly simple, and we will walk you through every choice you should make. You don’t even have to do it all at one time. With our online Passare preplanning system, you can begin planning online, save your preferences, and return to it at any time to complete it.

If you prefer to come to one of our four locations and meet with a member of our knowledgeable and caring staff, we would love to meet with you. We can even provide you with assistance on how to talk to your family about your plans. Contact us any time to begin learning about the benefits of preplanning.

Here’s to continuing old and forming new healthy habits during the rest of 2017! We know you can become one of the successful 8%.

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